I have so many ideas in my head.


I’ve been wanting to start this blog for ages, especially after reading this article about this girl who turned 23 and how it was a complete change for her. (I keep trying to google the article now to show you guys, but I get such strange results.)

I completely agreed with her!!!

It was such a large transition from being so competent in school for the past 15 years, knowing exactly what to do and what to expect… to becoming an inexperienced, clumsy amateur at work who didn’t know what to say or do at all. In fact, I spent the last year of university trying so hard to get a job in the UK that I ignored all other questions about whether what I wanted to do was my “ideal” job. Then I spent the whole of last year struggling with understanding my work, my identity at work, drawing lines between professional and personal life.

And then I thought, I wished that someone could tell me how it was going to be like. I know it wouldn’t be exactly the same, but it’ll be good or at least comforting that other people also share the same thoughts as I do.

I wished that someone told me that the job hunting will end and that there were actually tips and tricks that I could use to try to get the job.

Just to qualify myself, I’m not exactly an expert at working one year on, but I have had many conversations with people who have so much more years of experience than me and I have at least worked. So this is merely a forum for me to share my ideas and thoughts… oh yes I will give advice about love as well. Basically, anything that runs through my mind.

We all have to start somewhere, so my next proper entry… it’ll be about job hunting tips.

Oh yes, I forgot to say before I go on… I’m not 20!


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